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Basement conversion from junk storage to master bedroom 

gas_stove.jpg (39256 bytes) The center piece of the room is this 30,000 BTU Vermont Castings Direct Vent Gas Stove. The hearth was constructed using bricks and mortar laid on the existing concrete floor. The chimney exits out through the back of an old brick chimney and under a wood deck.
door.jpg (37440 bytes) Here's Kitty staring out through the pine door we installed along with the partition wall it hangs within. This divides the bedroom from the remainder of the basement.
floor1.jpg (48608 bytes) A nice look at the Alloc floating floor system we installed throughout the room. This product looks like Japanese Cherry but is actually HDF with a unique tongue & groove and aluminum channel connection between planks. We installed this over a vapor barrier onto the old concrete floor.
column.jpg (54944 bytes) This is a close-up of how we dealt with connecting two different ceiling profiles and how we disguised a support column. All the mouldings and casings we used in the room are solid aspen. The corners on this column were finished with red oak.
wood_stove.jpg (36464 bytes) Now, what the heck do we do with this left-over wood burning stove? We had to replace it with the direct vent gas model since this is now a bedroom. I guess its time to build a cabin somewhere....

Repair, rebuild, restore...

plaster_detail.jpg (22072 bytes) Our dining room AFTER (trust me, you don't want to see the "before"). The plaster arch, 6 inches of adjacent ceiling, the outside wall and floor were destroyed by water damage.
floor2.jpg (53300 bytes) Close-up of the restored oak floor. We used salvaged T&G red oak and had it custom planed to match the profile of the existing floor. Even though the planks are wider than the original ones, everything worked out fine when we had to replace about 4 feet of the entire dining room floor. (Who's that Kat?)